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HangKELTŐ Young Composers’ Competition 2021

As a result of the joint work of ImPulzus Creative Music Lab and Divisart Ltd., we are pleased to announce the HangKELTŐ Competition for Young Composers 2021.
The aim of this year's competition is to enrich the singing experience with new choral works specifically for the youth age group, which deal with topics that address motivating topics for both their personality and age.

Publishing the call for entries: 21 December 2020
Application deadline: 31 May 2021 24.00 CET
Announcement of the results: 9 August 2021
Premiere concert and award-giving ceremony: 13 November 2021, Budapest, Ádám Jenő Music School

More information (Hungarian)
Subregional Concert Tour

The concept of the Subregional Choir Tour was born in 2019 with the objective of delivering a quality choir music experience to audiences living in villages rarely exposed to such events. Our hope is to inspire the youth and perhaps even the older generations to create their own groups, opening the door for further cooperation in the form of joint performances.

The biggest experience of 2019 for us was the visit to Karancslapujtő with the MediCantare Mixed Choir of Budapest. We were greeted with previously unimaginable hospitality, and we were soon convinced of the importance of classical music in the context of the local cultural life.

ImMusic – Impulsive Music Activities to Promote Intercultural Relations

ERASMUS+ program

The ImMusic – Impulsive Music Activities to Promote Intercultural Relations project proposes a new type of activities within youth communities. The special musical sessions offer joyful and playful hours for youngsters and through the transfer influence of music improve their skills and competences. The competences which can be improved through music activities are as follows: social cooperation, inclusion, concentration, creativity, coordination etc.

The partners:

  • Hangkeltő Alapítvány, Hungary (project co-ordinator)
  • Tudatos Ifjúságért Alapítvány, Hungary
  • World Music School, Helsinki, Finland
  • Coyote Initiatives CIC, Findhorn, United Kingdom
  • “Microkosmos” Associazione Culturale Italo-Ellenica per la Formazione, Turin, Italy
More information
I’m Gonna Sing – the Vox Insana Chamber Choir’s spiritual music album

1. Moses Hogan: I’m Gonna Sing ’til the Spirit Moves in My Heart
2. Moses Hogan, Edwin B. Hogan: God’s Gonna Set This World On Fire
3. Moses Hogan: Abide with Me
4. Moses Hogan: Wade in the Water
5. Egon Ziesmann: Joshua fit the battle of Jericho
6. Moses Hogan: Ain’t That Good News
7. Moses Hogan: You Better Min’ How You Talk
8. André J. Thomas: Rockin’ Jerusalem
9. William L. Dawson: Soon Ah Will Be Done
10. Philipp Lawson: Down to the River to Pray
11. Jack Halloran: Witness
12. Moses Hogan: Hear My Prayer

Vox Insana Chamber Choir
Soloists: Kriszti Uracs (4), Anna Foris (6), Péter Hargitai (7)
Conductors: Dóra Orosz (1,4,7,8,10,11)
Csaba Tőri (2,3,5,6,9,12)

Recorded in June 2019, in Béla Bartók Unitarian Parish Church, Budapest.
Sound engineer: József Weisz
Publisher: Divisart

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